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Budgeting on 0: Hulu vs Netflix

29 Apr

Since we have been going through this crazy recession and our income is lower and we had cut off the cable and humble ourselves to Hulu and Netflix.

Xfinity – $116 (with internet & taxes)

Xfinity ad


Clear Logo

Clear Internet – $55

Hulu Plus Ad

Hulu Plus $8

Netflix Ad

Netflix $8

Total = $71    Savings = $45

So I admit having Xfinity Internet was better, I had Bravo, Style Channel  everything but I only watch those shows on Wednesday which was my Fashion Night. On Wednesday night  I “Died” with Rachel Zoe, then Brad Brad World, and finish my night with Dukes of Melrose. Those where the days, but to cut cost we cut it all and went back to Clear internet. Which is funny because it’s not that clear if you are trying to use a router with multiple computers. Oh I must mention I have an old Clear box. If I spend the $49 and get the newer one it would be better.

My Clear Box Series M

Clear Modem Series M

              Newer and Better Version

Clear New

Hulu– I’m not a real big fan of it because most of the shows you can watch on it aren’t shows I’m into. But it did save me when I needed to see Scandal the other night and abc.go was acting funny #gladiator #scandal. If you like a lot of shows on regular networks it Rocks but I’m a cable show girl. I don’t like the same  advertisements  trying to gather market research from me (which is funny because I’m a sucker for market research) and the slow speed (that might just be my computer). With the cable shows I have to wait days for it and then they only keep clips on file because they want you to go to Itunes and buy it. Why should I do that when I’m paying monthly for Hulu to house it. Also I don’t want to purchase the show I just want to watch it! #OMG Since Itunes is making all the money maybe they should come out with something like Hulu and charge a little more or maybe Xfinity should offer a Internet TV only option for $20 a month. Right now you have to get the full cable service to watch cable shows on xfinity.tv but you can watch the regular channels for free.

Netflix- I love Netflix for my children. They have every show or movie they could think of and they can work it themselves they are 2 and 3 years old. Netflix has less or sometimes no commercials which is great. They also have a Netflix original show called “House of Cards” that I’m obsessed with.  Netflix has a lot of old movies and foreign films. Sometimes they have a movie I want to watch but not often.

So those are the pros and cons of not having the internet but when you are seriously trying to save money these are some options.


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